137th NYV Infantry
Monument at Gettysburg

Dedicated at Gettysburg on July 2, 1888

Location of Monument: On Culp's Hill, between Slocum Avenue and breastworks.

General Dimensions: Base, 5' x 5' 8". Total Height, 15' 0"
Crossed muskets, cartridge box and laurel wreath on front.

Materials of Contruction: First base of Gettysburg granite; the remaining parts,
Quincy (Mass.) granite and Standard bronze. Contractors: Frederick & Field.
Cost: $1500.

*Source: New York at Gettysburg, page 1400.

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Photo on left circa 1898, F.J. Severence.      Photo on right taken 2002, R.G. Blakeslee

Left and rear sides of monument.

Right side of monument.
Color Photos Copyright R.G. Blakeslee 2002

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