"The Civil War Diary of Ephraim C. Brown 1862"

An interesting first hand account of Ephraim Brown's life with the 64th N.Y. Infantry, including his description of the Battle of Antietam. The diary is 38 pages in length and contains a few scanned photographs. This is available from a relative of Mr. Brown (she transcribed his diary), on eBay ... search "Antietam" ... you will normally find the diary there for around $10.

A short excerpt follows (typed exactly as in the transcibed diary):

'On reaching the Summet Barlow & Miles dismounted their horses & sent them to the rear Ordering us by the right flank march bringing us in line of Battle lengthwase of the Hill & Ridge, when fully to the Summet not a gun yet fired nor a Reb yet seen we at this moment with right & left of Regt was but a few rods from the Reb lines steadily marching towards them. & up went their flags & whiz came their bullets. Showing in a minuet their full position lying in 2 Deep Cut roads in form of a perfect L. Showing thus (This is now referred to in history books as the Sunken Road or "Bloody Lane".) At this moment Ephraim Green tapped me on shoulder saying "Eph, See this flag to our right - lets take her down." Saying "Oh", & fell backwards to the ground. I threw my right arm under him & supported him from a heavy fall. Bill Wemple steped forward raised his head to his knee & he Brave Soldier heard the Battle no more.'